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Man At Arms is an AWEsome web show.

This show on the AWE me YouTube channel is pretty damn cool. This guy just makes swords that the watchers request every other week. This was the one i watched and will finish the rest of the series when i have time later.

Now SNL got this stuck in my head.

Ive been humming it at work and people think im humming the original.

Two Prank Tuesday

aaaaaand this ones a bit older, but still good.

Batman just dont understand.

Star Wars That I Used To Know

When I first watched this it had about 3600 views. I can only imagine its spreading like those wild fires in the west.

Im a Giant Yo, Im BIG

Dungeons & Dragons & Bitches from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.

The Worst, or Best, Street Performer

I would probably watch him more just to continue to see how bad he is.

Best Backpack for travel ever.

You may have some trouble though when using indoors though.

NBA Press Conference Fashion

See full post for more.

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