Warning: If you don’t like poop jokes, then you might consider this a shitty post.


And if you never caught The Rediculist on John Depardieu, then you need to watch below too.

Planet of the Dance

Benny Benassi Presents the Biz (Fan Video) Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time from Bradonio Hasse on Vimeo.

Docking Bay 327, Blast the door kid!

Now that the Docking Bay is complete, I can focus on Hoth.

A Walk through was done by Sattelizer at the beginning of his Twitch stream as well, which I ended up watching the rest of the night as he went to other claims. (And found an amazing AT-AT as well)

Watch live video from SattelizerGames on TwitchTV

I was pretty happy with how these came out, but need more space if I am to continue rebuilding the Star Wars universe on my claim.
And below the gallery is an video i found that someone else made of my first claim. Thanks for the tour.

Landmark Live, in the future

This will air 5/7/14

Watch live video from LandmarkGame on TwitchTV

Pic post

Here’s some junk clogging up my camera roll

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Game of Wieners

Wanted to make this a ringtone, but then thought about it ringing at work and then changed my mind.

(video after break)

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Found on r/birdswitharms







What does my girl say?

Another good parody by SNL, but not as catchy.

Man At Arms is an AWEsome web show.

This show on the AWE me YouTube channel is pretty damn cool. This guy just makes swords that the watchers request every other week. This was the one i watched and will finish the rest of the series when i have time later.

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